Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Signs of Spring

Please enjoy these signs of Spring...even if it is mid-winter, technically...
Have you heard this one before?  NEVER, bury the crown of the strawberry.  Really?  What's this then?  Healthy strawberry plants emerging from their winter slumber beneath a 4 inch layer of mulch, that's what.

 Spot the 'sparagus.  Hint - it's purple.

 I love how the water drops get caught in this succulent.  Somehow, the surface tension keeps them round-ish.

 Grape Hyacinth near the garden gate.

 Ready beds and barrels, though the mulch hasn't been down that long so we'll probably need to fertigate with worm juice this year.  Maybe this Fall I'll get my act together and mulch sooner.

 Peering down into a crocus.

Crocus and a heavily pruned Helebore.  Looks like it is time to divide those grasses.

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